The European think & do tank POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ - PLS performs four different kinds of activities: 


POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS publishes four types of recurring publications. Some of the publications are realized and co-written in close collaboration with partner organizations.

  • The Cahiers POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ announce the results of comparative European research
  • The Notes d’analyse POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ cover topical subjects
  • The Études & Dossiers POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ analyse and reflect innovative topics
  • Télex POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – the electronic newsletter (in French only) published at the beginning of every month allows to keep up with European news 


PLS organizes “open” events. They bring together executives, European experts, and local actors around specific topics and are a place for convivial debates about the future of a solidary and sustainable Europe


PLS develops and implements transnational projects in cooperation with a great number of European partners.


PLS forms and accompanies people and projects regarding European issues in the field of lobbying and funding